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3 meals each for 4 days
given on the last Monday of the
month to those who have signed in
with GWIM - over 1000 a month

The items chosen have been
recommended by a nutrition and
dietary consultant in order to provide
healthy meals for all.
Click for a
list of items.

peanut butter and jelly sandwich
soft granola bar
pudding or fruit cup snack
juice drink

  • All is dependent on what is available that week.
  • Sometimes there are special treats
    from generous businesses,
    communities and individuals.
  • Sometimes there is barely enough to
    go around.
  • These lunches are served on
    Sundays and  holidays when
      GWIM is unable to serve a hot meal.

Could your church or organization fill our
lunch bags one holiday or Sunday?
Contact us at:
and find out how.
Casserole Ministry
United Church of Christ of
Southbury and
Prospect Congregational
Style - Try it!

How to do casserole ministry!

For recipes see below or try the
UCC of Southbury's - recipes for
, or beef and more casseroles

The members of Prospect donate their time
and the ingredients one Sunday of the month
after church.

They make  EIGHT casseroles, alternating
kinds each month. Each casserole serves
25 people.

For Pasta and Meat sauce casserole
  • 3 pounds of cooked pasta
  • ground beef - browned and cooked  
    amount of beef is dependent on
  • 3-4 jars of spaghetti sauce

For Mac and Cheese w/hot dogs
  • 3 pounds of cooked pasta
  • 1/2 half large can of cheddar cheese
    sauce ($7 a can at Costco or BJ's)
  • 3 pounds of cut up hot dogs
What's in a
Brown Bag Lunch?
What's in an
Emergency Food Bag?
Goodie Bags
Travel sized toiletries needed:
mouthwash, body lotion, soap,
deodorant, razor, hair brush,
comb, shampoo, conditioner

Place items in zip lock bag.
Let us know how your faith community
inspires your members and supports
Email your ideas to
or come to a delegates meeting.
call 203-879-4002 for info

For information
on volunteer
203-757-7734 !