Ways to Help!
Caring for GWIM's
Greatest and Everyday Needs
Food of the Month!
    Always needed
    peanut butter
    snack sized pudding
    fruit cups
    juice boxes or pouches
    granola bars (soft)
    tomato sauce
    canned meats and fish
    canned vegetables
    canned beans
    canned fruits
    powdered milk
    box macaroni & cheese
    rice and instant potatoes
Here's how some communities do it!
    Food Drives       (see items included in nutritiously designed meal bags)
    Organize a collection of food items and money
  • on-going, weekly or monthly collections of non-perishable foods
  • quarterly or occasional Special offerings and collections
  • hunger awareness events asking for donations
  • Soup-er Bowl Sunday offerings

    Educational Programs and Events
    Help everyone understand the root causes of poverty, hunger, and homelessness:
  • Invite Director, Barbara Dublin to speak
  • Participate in 30 hour Famine, 24 Hour sleep out, Walk a thons, Interfaith
  • Volunteer at GWIM and see first hand or
  • just visit, please call 203-757-7734 first
  • Come to a Delegates' meeting - Next meeting is Thursday April 12, 2018
                      at First Congregational Church, Waterbury

Preparing and/or Serving a Meal
     Some are able to put a whole meal together and others contribute parts which
     together make a nutritious dinner for all:
  • preparing casseroles and other dishes to serve 200
  • packing bag lunches for 250
  • helping to prepare and or serve a holiday meal
    WAY TO GO!
    Thank you!!
  •   UCC of Southbury brought
    winter wear, diapers, books.
  •   South Britain Congregational
    Church for providing PBJ
    sandwiches and more. Thank
  •    Cross of Christ Lutheran of
    Waterbury for supplying
    lunches for 2 Sundays a month!
  •    First Congregational for
    serving hot meals on the
  •      Prospect providing
    casseroles each month to
    serve hundreds.

    Think about asking your
    community to supply a Sunday
    lunch. It would save GWIM a lot
    of dollars and you can have fun
    working together. Nothing
    brings people together (and
    helps them "stick" together)
    like peanut butter and jelly!!

    Other items for lunches
    include: juice box, granola bar,
    and pudding or fruit snack.
The Food Pantry provides
3 meals for each family
member for four days, or
twelve meals for each.
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