Thank you for your
gifts of food!!!!
On any day, in any week,
in any month food items
are dropped off or
donated to the Pantry
and Soup Kitchen. We
count on these amazing
and generous offerings.
If your community or
organization brings or
sends food please let us
know so we can include
your name here. You will
be an inspiration to
others to do the same.
Just email gwimweb@  
Thank you.
If your organization's name is not
listed here and it should be, email
and let us know. We want to include
Look What GWIM is Doing
Each Month!! Thank YOU
At the Soup Kitchen
64% served are men
32% served are women
4%  served are children
The Emergency Food
Pantry is able to provide
meals for families with
children, 3 meals each
day for 4 days
We couldn't do it without YOU!
Next delegates' meeting   -
is Thursday, April 12, 2018 at First
Congregational Church, Waterbury
from 6:30 pm to 8 pm.
Thanks to the following faith based
communities for bringing
B'Nai Israel, Southbury
Cheshire Lutheran, Cheshire
Chrch of Christ, Waterbury
Cross of Christ Church, Waterbury
First Baptist, Plymouth
First Congregational, Waterbury
First Lutheran, Naugatuck
Our  Lady of Lebanon, Waterbury
Prospect Congregational UCC
St John's Church, Waterbury
St Patricks, Waterbury
St Peter's Church, Cheshire
Wolcott Congregational Church
Thanks to the following schools families
and organizations:
Brass City Harvest, Waterbury
Brooklyn Bakery, Waterbury
Diane Drakely, Southbury
Fulton Gardens, Waterbury
Freihofers, Naugatuck
Mahan's Lakeview, Wolcott
Nino's, Waterbury
Ovens of France, Woodbury
Robin Griskus, Waterbury
Safe Haven, Waterbury
Southbury Food Bank
UConn, Waterbury
Wolcott Food Pantry
Woodbury Food Bank
January 2017
Soup Kitchen served 13,327 meals
Emergency Food Pantry -
provided 14,376 meals for 1,415 individuals

February 2017
Soup Kitchen served 11,530 meals
Emergency Food Pantry
provided 10,734 meals for 1,013 individuals

March 2017
Soup Kitchen served 13,327 meals
Emergency Food Pantry
provided 13,021 meals for 1,386 individuals

April 2017
Soup Kitchen served 13,654 meals
Emergency Food Pantry
provided 13,654 meals for 1,388 individuals

June 2017
Soup Kitchen served 13,691 meals
Emergency Food Pantry
provided 17,880 meals for 1490 individuals

July 2017
Soup Kitchen served 14,155 meals
Emergency Food Pantry
provided 15,486 meals for 1,360 individuals

September 2017
Soup Kitchen served 13,834 meals
Emergency Food Pantry
provided 13,482 meals for 1,246 individuals

November 2017
Soup Kitchen served 14,544 meals
Emergency Food Pantry
provided 20,816 meals for 1633 individuals

December 2017
Soup Kitchen served 14,415 meals
Emergency Food Pantry
provided 12,060 meals for 1,331 individuals
From Tim Epperson - Emergency Food Pantry Coordinator
an amazing month! We had such a great group of volunteers from
all over coming down to help us serve the community. A special
thanks to Reverend Sue Strachan and the youth group from Wolcott
Congregational for donating their time to help run the Kids Club. It
has been such a success this year and the kids have enjoyed their
time doing arts and crafts, and having fun in our resource center.
We could not have had such success without our volunteers that
racked up 490 hours of service saving GWIM $7,350! We have not
had as many food drives with the schools being closed for the
summer but we still gathered 1,240 pounds of food from 23
organizations which made about 954 balanced meals for our Food
Pantry and Soup Kitchen. We look forward to finishing the summer
strong, thanks to everyone who has been such a great help this